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Individual Coaching

Trimatic offers customized, personally individualized weekly training plans for all levels with continuous support through email or phone. All personally coached athletes have the opportunity to have a meeting with Balázs at the beginning to discuss training availability, goals, and season planning. We aim to assist our athletes in finding a training plan what fits into your lifestyle and time commitment and which helps you to reach your best performance on race day. Your trainings will be monitored daily and will be adjusted accordingly.


  • 100 CHF start-up fee

  • 275 CHF per month

  • Minimum 6 months commitment

What is included?

  • Weekly, customized training plan

  • Continuous communication

  • Season planning and race strategy set-up

  • Nutrition and equipment advice


Let's Work Together

To ensure quality and most attention to each of my athlete, I coach individually maximum 20 persons.

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