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Private Lesson

Private lessons and technique clinics are the best way to learn the most of each individual sport within the multidisciplinary sport of triathlon.


  • Open water swimming requires a different approach to pool swimming, which is not always the priority of a group swimming session. With a private swimming lesson we can cover the most important technical elements required on race day

  • During a bike clinic we can discuss certain set ups, tactics, cadence, nutrition etc. All these points are important element what will help not just realize a better bike split, but also allow you to run faster and with less suffering

  • The running part of a triathlon is completely different than running on its own. We need to be efficient when running on already taxed legs. This requires a different biomechanical approach which we will discuss and practice at a running workshop for triathletes

  • Did you always want to improve your time in transition from one sport to the other in triathlon? At a Transition Area clinic we learn step by step how to optimize and improve this often forgotten fourth part of the triathlon


Let's Improve Together

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

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